Located in Seattle’s eclectic Capitol Hill neighborhood, STOUT is a casual pub designed for beer enthusiasts who appreciate “craft everything,” from beer to cocktails to well-prepared food. STOUT’s alluring atmosphere blends classic and modern elements, bringing old world ambience to one of the new world’s most exciting neighborhoods.

STOUT is a destination for Seattle locals and visitors alike to gather, celebrate, watch sports, enjoy a great meal, and try interesting and hard-to-find beers from all over the world. Located on the corner of Pike St. and 11th Ave. E., STOUT is nestled in the heart of activity on Capitol Hill, near Neumos, Cal Anderson Park, and Oddfellows Café + Bar.

Local Seattle artisans designed nearly all of STOUT’s furnishings, including the chandeliers, metalwork, and a large mural behind the bar. STOUT was built for comfort—a place where people can relax and take the time to truly enjoy delicious food and an ever-evolving bar menu.

"I knew I wanted to do a smaller pub, where the food was better than you’d expect, and with a surprising selection of beers from around the world, curated almost like it was a fine wine cellar. I’m very excited to see how STOUT grows on Capitol Hill—one of my favorite Seattle neighborhoods."

Giving Beer the Respect It Deserves.

Tap House Grill


The Pacific Northwest loves craft beer and Tap House Grill (in Seattle and Bellevue, WA) offers more craft beer on tap than any establishment in the country. “Giving beer the respect it deserves.” Because we stock such an extensive selection of draft beer, you can visit Tap House Grill on a regular basis and have a different experience every time. You don’t need to search out hard-to-find taps all over the city. You will find them all at Tap House Grill, plus delicious food at lunch, dinner, happy hour, and late night. We even cater special events.

"I admit it. I like drinking beer. That’s why I started Tap House Grill. More than 70% of our handles are local craft beers, and many of them you can’t find anywhere else in Seattle or Bellevue. I’m proud that our customers are able to try so many local and regional craft beers in one place."

About Paul Reder

Reder Enterprises is a Seattle-based restaurant group operating both the Seattle and Bellevue Tap House Grills, as well as the new STOUT concept on Capitol Hill.

Paul Reder was born in Olympia, WA and has worked almost exclusively in restaurants, doing a wide variety of jobs, since he was 14. He lived shortly in Denver and Southern California before returning to the familiarity of the Pacific Northwest, where he opened his first restaurant (Tap House Grill in Bellevue, WA) in 2002.

Reder has been honored as one of Puget Sound Business Journal’s “40 Under Forty” (2007), and continues to receive widespread acclaim as founder and owner of some of the Pacific Northwest’s top restaurant/bars and industry services.

"I love this industry, from the dynamic atmosphere to the camaraderie we share with our staff, vendors, and customers. I enjoy having the freedom to create new restaurants and explore different concepts, as opposed to a chain that just replicates itself. For me, it's very exciting to consider the customer experience and then develop the best possible environment and a food and drink menu that exceeds customer expectations."